A Positive State Of Mind when things are not going to plan

When the weather isn’t in your favour it is sometimes hard to stay positive. I’ve been trying very hard to make some decent images of late. Unfortunately, the weather gods seem to be working against me. I’ve really struggled to make an image I’ve been happy with for quite a while now.

With a week off work, I planned a couple of photography days to give myself a chance to create something worthy. Hoping for some dramatic winter weather and waves, I made the journey north on 2 separate occasions. Day 1 was o.k. and I returned confident I had a couple of keepers on the memory card. However, I was so underwhelmed with the resulting work that I could not bring myself to even process it.

A few days passed. The weather was starting to whip up a storm along the north coast and I decided to have another crack at it. The early drive north was full of the usual positive & optimistic hopes of dramatic conditions. It wasn’t to be – the sunrise turned out a quite mild and timid affair. In vain, I tried a lot of different angles and techniques to create something despite the weather. It wasn’t to be. To add insult to injury, heavy rain appeared sending me running for breakfast.

I Gave Up!

At this point, I was getting quite deflated. It was turning out to be quite a wet day and there was little hope for a decent shoot for the remainder of the day.

I decided to quickly scout a location I’d not been to in a long time and then head for home early once the rain re-appeared. Parking up, I quickly started working the area as there appeared to be some decent water movement around the rocks. I felt cursed, it just wasn’t happening – I couldn’t find a composition. Frustration had left me in the wrong frame of mind which was affecting my outlook. I eventually admitted defeat & gave up the notion of photography! I opted for a walk around the headland instead.

Arguing With Myself!

Mooching around the various inlets for about 30 minutes, I began mumbling to myself. I was literally having an internal argument with my own subconscious wondering what was wrong with my mojo. Why was I struggling so much of late? It wasn’t raining yet, so I had to keep trying. I honestly remember telling myself to stay positive ad keep trying. Something was bound to pop up!

I found myself on a small cliff I’d not stood on before. There was some real water drama unfolding below as the waves crashed in along the rocky shelf. Suddenly the light broke through the clouds and I managed to set-up a quick postcard style shot from the edge – nice but still average and not really my thing. I really yearned for that close-up foreground action below.

Spotting a relatively easy decent to the shelf below, I gambled & made a quick dash down as even more drama & colour started to appear in the clouds. The tide was rising fast with some huge waves rolling in. 5 minutes is literally all I had to safely make this location work before climbing back up as the ocean claimed my chosen spot.

A Positive State Of Mind

I was soaked from the waist down where a wave hit me. The wind had picked up and I was now also taking a soaking from the rain. By the time, I’d reached the car I needed a complete change of clothes. Cold & soaked, I was now in a completely different frame of mind than earlier – I had gotten a shot full of drama. Additionally, I’ve not seen this view done before and it’s from a fairly popular location.

Had I listened to myself earlier in the day and given up, I’d have gone home empty handed. There is an old saying that goes along the lines of “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. It really held through here and I hope it demonstrates the importance of keeping an optimistic mind set even when things look bleak. It is too easy to become disheartened & give up, missing the shot you have been searching so hard for!!   

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