Long Exposure Photography

My style of long exposure photography has developed over a five year period of trial and error. Although not to everybody’s liking, it is the style of work I gravitate most towards and receive the most joy from. A very slow & deliberate method of photography that initially delivered very unpredictable results has now become far much less of a guessing game. Being self taught, I have learnt the hard way via thousands of mistakes. My eye has become so trained to the nuances of nature versus time, I am now rarely surprised as an image appears on the back of my screen. This process is known as pre-visualization which many famous photographers have recited long before I ever picked up a camera. At home, I carefully blend and craft the finished image into the scene I visualised long before I tripped the shutter button.

My personal preference is for images that span the entire light spectrum from the deepest blacks to the purest whites. The result are images with stunning tonality and contrast that hold the viewers attention. All the images above were taken along the Irish coast. I particularly love the interplay of the ocean with man made elements over a long period of time. Time always wins and human elements are eventually re-claimed by nature no matter how large they may be. This work is an ode to our fragile existence on earth.

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