Why is Photography Fine Art?

I had a query on my facebook page recently. The reader asked why I consider my work as Fine Art and not photography. The same question had been posed on several different forums without reply. I probably sold him short in my reply by simply returning links to other articles discussing this. The reason being, I couldn’t really verbalize why I consider my photography to be fine art as opposed to simply photography.

On reflection, I now realize that I should just shown a before and after image. This would have demonstrated my point very simply and  without the need for words.

Fine Art Example

Here’s my example the before image is a well crafted exposure of a very simple scene – this is a photograph. The after version, is my internal vision which was created by waiting for over an hour for clouds to hit the scene perfectly. Then, through the use of several filters and a little photoshop I was able to create this into something tangible. This is fine art……

fine art photography

I shall say no more……

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