Something A Little Bit Different

The “Beast From The East” came and went. Snow has melted away to slush in most parts of Ireland. Confined to the house, thanks to snow drifts, I was still able to get out and about one of the first mornings to try something very different for me – shooting a snow scene.


Being an island, we get little to no snow and even less on the east coast of Ireland. After some unsuccessful seascape shoots recently, it was nice to try something different for a change. The biggest problems facing me were as follows. Confined to walking distance from home thanks to the heavy snow. I had absolutely zero experience of photographing in the snow. 

A quick look a YouTube, gave some valuable insight onto shooting in the snow. As for location, it was simply going to be a long walk in the hope of finding a scene.

Shooting in snow

Not hugely different at all. Scenes lacked colour, leaving me searching for minimalist & simplified compositions. Metering needed manual upwards adjustment as the white levels fooled the in camera meter. Other than that, it was business as usual other than the cold and driving snow.  

Location, Location

Walking proved slow and difficult thanks to heavy snow. It was very different to normal. Energy got snapped up easily very trying to cross snow drifts, fences and unpassable lanes. Two hours later, there wasn’t a lot to show for the effort involved.  Mile after mile passed, I was loosing heart quickly. Then it appeared, in the distance. A lone tree, breaking the monotonous whiteness. Getting closer, the tiny broken down fence was popping out of the snow nicely. It was now simply a case of framing the scene and waiting on the next snow shower to blow past. These were coming every 5 minutes or so. 

Several compositions got framed over the next 30 minutes. This being the favourite. It embodies the empty cold starkness of the morning and loneliness felt after hours of struggle alone.

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