Frametastic Print & Framing Review

Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. Gavin Byrne at Frametastic deserves all the credit he gets and here’s why……. Late last year, I found myself feeling the need to find […]

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I worked hard for this……

Some images come easy, some not so. The featured image is one I have wanted to take since last summer but things just kept working against me. Salterstown Pier is only a 20 minute drive […]

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Drone Photography

This was the 4th day in a row it had been lashing rain all day. I wasn’t very hopeful as I opened my weather apps to see if I could squeeze a quick landscape shoot […]

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Fanad Head Lighthouse

The image above was crafted at Fanad Head Lighthouse in Donegal. It is not the image I set out to create that evening. The events that unfolded demonstrate why it is always good to have […]

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True Connection to the Landscape

What is Connection? As an avid landscape photographer who spends as much time as work/family life allows in the field, I occasionally experience moments of true connection with the landscape. These are special periods of […]

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Online Intimidation

Myself and photographer John Mee got into conversation about online intimidation on a recent shoot. I’m sick and tired of constantly falling victim to it every time I open my phone, ipad or computer – […]

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Landscape Photography Tip – Wait

One of my favourite landscape photography tips for beginners is very simple – wait and see what happens. I love seascape photography because locations seem different every time I return due to tides, time of year, […]

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My Best Landscape Images from 2016

Best Landscape Images 2016 I have finally gotten around to picking my best landscape images of 2016. This helps me compare against my work of previous years to determine if I can see an improvement. […]

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Fitness & Health In Landscape Photography

Are you that landscape photographer who rolls out of their car, sets-up a shot and clicks away without moving around much? The extreme of this is the photographer who literally goes that extra mile to […]

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Finding inspiration in the style of others work

Inspiration can come from many different places and in many different forms. This article will demonstrate how the use of another photographer’s style helped me craft a series of images at a time when I […]

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Isle of Skye Landscape Photography Guide

The Isle of Skye in Scotland can be a photographer’s heaven and/or hell. Sounds strange? Let me explain! When the Isle of Skye is good, it’s great. There are few places on earth which can match it […]

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Photography Challenge

I’d not been out much since my last trip to Sligo. I was finding it a challenge to even contemplate going out with a camera in hand. Work was very busy leaving me tired and […]

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Overcoming Frustration

I’ve had a summer of frustration with my landscape photography. Time after time the weather looked very promising during the day. Come sunset all I met was dull gloomy, overcast conditions. On occasion this was after some very […]

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Coping with Sea Spray in Seascape Photography

If you are a regular seascape shooter you will already know the pain and frustration felt when the wind blows directly at you and wipes up a lot of sea spray. Within seconds your filters, […]

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Research Lesser Known Locations

Every area has those iconic photography locations that everybody knows. They can be great fun to shoot and I fully understand why people flock to them time and time again. Shooting it for themselves, trying […]

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Long Exposure Photography – The Idiots Guide

Love it or hate it, long exposure photography is a hugely popular genre in landscape, seascape & fine art architectural photography. It seems to have progressed from a fad to a style of photography that […]

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