Mount Errigal In the Snow

I had Friday booked off work and a permission slip from my wife giving me 3 days to myself for some landscape photography before the sunrises become too early. Without any firm plans, I kept […]

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Ballintoy In A New Light

Ballintoy in Northern Ireland is probably my favorite location on the island of Ireland for seascape photography! Why? Well in a simple word – variety! The Ballintoy coast line is spectacular in all weather conditions […]

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A Combination Of Time & Effort

I had a recent trip to Donegal with my camera club for our annual weekend away. It’s usually a four day affair with an equally enjoyable mix of alcoholism, good food, good company and sometimes […]

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Leading Lines

In an earlier post, I discussed my view about simplifying “The Rule Of Thirds”. Today “Leading Lines” will receive my overly simplified approach! Why leading lines are important? Leading lines are spoken about regularly in […]

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Getting Out Of A Creative Rut

I’ve been in a creative rut for longer than I can remember and it’s about time I broke the cycle! Creative ruts are something I think most photographers have experienced at some point in time […]

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The Rule Of Thirds Made Simple

What is The Rule Of Thirds? Let me start off by saying this! There are no rules in landscape photography or any other type of photography / art for that matter. Rules have simply developed […]

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What’s Been Happening?

I know, I know – it’s been over a year since I’ve written a blog post. Have You Given Up? I got asked recently if I’ve given up landscape photography. I’ve not updated this site […]

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Photographer Of The Year 2019

IPF Photographer Of The Year 2019 I am delighted to announce I have just been crowned IPF Photographer of the Year 2019!!! This is a dream come through. I have tried to win this title […]

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A Positive State Of Mind when things are not going to plan

When the weather isn’t in your favour it is sometimes hard to stay positive. I’ve been trying very hard to make some decent images of late. Unfortunately, the weather gods seem to be working against […]

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7 Reasons I’m Not Moving To Mirrorless

Maybe I’m old fashioned, stuck in my ways or just plain old afraid to embrace change! I’m not ready to embrace the whole mirrorless trend that is speeding up on a daily basis. Sony, Olympus, […]

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The Hipster Challenge

Do you have a needless beard, wear jeans with holes, cloth trainers and/or a check shirt? What about some funky head wear and glasses? Do you sometimes accessorize with a cardigan? Ever been mistaken for […]

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The Decisive Moment in Landscape Photography

Today, armed with a little knowledge, almost anybody can potentially show up at a location and take a competent image with anything from a dslr to a camera phone! All being equal, one of the […]

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Why Re-Visiting Locations Pays Off

Visiting a new location for the first time is usually an exciting outing. Oftentimes, it is the result from months of research & planning. Personally, the sense of excitement, optimism & anticipation are hard to […]

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3 Simple Seascape Photography Tips To Keep You Safe

Shooting seascapes for 5 years now, there have been some very near misses which could have easily ended in disaster. More than I’d like to publicly admit. Back before picking up a camera, my main […]

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Dundalk Photographic Society

Last February, I made the long, hard & difficult decision to jump into the unknown by leaving Mid Louth Camera Club.  There was a serious problem – not with the club, but within me…. I had […]

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There is no such thing as bad light for Landscape Photography

Regular readers of this blog will know how I regularly leave my house at silly hours of the morning. Driving through the night and hiking to remote locations in time for sunrise is a very […]

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Murlough Bay Landscape Photography Guide

I’d forgotten how difficult the drive down into Murlough Bay in Northern Ireland can be! Although only around 10km from Ballycastle, the roads feel quite remote due to their size and twisting nature. Having left […]

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Dramatic Seascapes

Last weekend, I experienced the coldest shooting conditions I’ve ever faced. It really was a shock to my system. The good news is that I walked away with some really dramatic seascapes in the bag. […]

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Polarizing Filter For Landscape Photography

There are many well written articles by people far more intelligent and articulate than I about the use of a polarizing filter for landscape photography. I am not going to re-hash what has already been […]

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Something A Little Bit Different

The “Beast From The East” came and went. Snow has melted away to slush in most parts of Ireland. Confined to the house, thanks to snow drifts, I was still able to get out and […]

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The Importance of Experience

There is an old saying – “Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes”. Last night, I found myself sat at the computer, sifting through old, long forgotten images. At the time of […]

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Listening to your senses

It’s all too easy to rock up on location and look for the usual classic landscape image. As landscape photographers, we can only work with the scene in front of us in the light given […]

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Breaking the rules in landscape photography

Artists have a wonderful tool at their disposal called “Artistic License”. Basically, it means “anything Goes”. They can break away from conventionally accepted rules, adding or subtracting elements, moving objects to suit the frame, etc. […]

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Safety, Safety, Safety

I write this still in a little state of shock. I want to talk about safety for photographers with an emphasis around seascape photography. There have been several fatalities here in Ireland over the last […]

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Tips to Improve your landscape photography

The net is littered with tips to improve your landscape photography. Just look at the number of articles that appear when you type “Tips to improve your landscape photography” into Google. Many of them are […]

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Tough Conditions….

Should we shoot in tough conditions when the light is not at its best? Being an Irish landscape photographer, I am often left with a simple choice – shoot or go home. With a week […]

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Becoming a professional landscape photographer: The only guide you will ever need!

I’ve been playing around with this landscape photography malarkey for far too long. Only last week, I came close to being disqualified from a photography competition. My crime, owning a website. I’m clearly a professional […]

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Is Landscape Photography Dead? My View…..

Is landscape photography dead in the modern day and age? Over the last month or so, I have had several instances which left me pondering the question “Is landscape photography dead?” Instance 1 There was a […]

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Should you disclose your secret locations?

With Ireland being so small, it is hard to believe there are any secret locations left to shoot. Thanks to social media and the rise in popularity of landscape photography, many secret locations have been […]

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Easkey – A Photographers Guide

Today you will learn about a little location which is totally under shot with regards to landscape photography. Easkey in Co. Sligo is a hidden gem. I first visited Easkey as a child for a spot of Salmon fishing with […]

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Woodland Photography

I’m an avid landscape photographer, but truth be told, most of my work is seascapes. Walking the coastline alone, listening to nature is a great way to relax, escaping the day to day pressures of […]

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Complexity of Choices

Today I want to talk about choices in landscape photography. The list of choices a landscape photographer takes into consideration before he/she trips that shutter button are huge. These choices vary hugely from one photographer […]

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The Struggle of Landscape Photography

The public, and many other photographers don’t truly appreciate the struggle of landscape photography. In their eye’s, it is a simple as showing up and capturing the beauty that mother nature provides. Yes, showing up […]

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Exhibit at an Art Gallery

Did you ever think about having an exhibit at an art gallery? I’ve long pondered over what to do with images amassed on my hard drive. I typically only ever print a couple for local […]

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Stolen Images

Stolen Work Someone was kind enough to let me know one of my images appeared to have been stolen. To be honest, I was flattered. Oftentimes I’ve looked on in envy as other prominent landscape […]

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A Quick Visit To The Murder Hole

The Murder Hole on Melmore Head in Donegal is considered a secret location for many in the Irish landscape photography community. This is not quite the case anymore as the location has grown in huge popularity over the last […]

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Why is Photography Fine Art?

I had a query on my facebook page recently. The reader asked why I consider my work as Fine Art and not photography. The same question had been posed on several different forums without reply. I […]

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Be Ruthless – Cull The Duds

As a landscape photographer, I come home from each shoot with very few keepers. If I have one image I love from an evening or mornings shoot, I’ve done really well. However, It has recently dawned […]

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Frametastic Print & Framing Review

Sometimes you just have to give credit where credit is due. Gavin Byrne at Frametastic deserves all the credit he gets and here’s why……. Late last year, I found myself feeling the need to find […]

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I worked hard for this……

Some images come easy, some not so. The featured image is one I have wanted to take since last summer but things just kept working against me. Salterstown Pier is only a 20 minute drive […]

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Drone Photography

This was the 4th day in a row it had been lashing rain all day. I wasn’t very hopeful as I opened my weather apps to see if I could squeeze a quick landscape shoot […]

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Fanad Head Lighthouse

The image above was crafted at Fanad Head Lighthouse in Donegal. It is not the image I set out to create that evening. The events that unfolded demonstrate why it is always good to have […]

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True Connection to the Landscape

What is Connection? As an avid landscape photographer who spends as much time as work/family life allows in the field, I occasionally experience moments of true connection with the landscape. These are special periods of […]

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Online Intimidation

Myself and photographer John Mee got into conversation about online intimidation on a recent shoot. I’m sick and tired of constantly falling victim to it every time I open my phone, ipad or computer – […]

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Landscape Photography Tip – Wait

One of my favourite landscape photography tips for beginners is very simple – wait and see what happens. I love seascape photography because locations seem different every time I return due to tides, time of year, […]

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My Best Landscape Images from 2016

Best Landscape Images 2016 I have finally gotten around to picking my best landscape images of 2016. This helps me compare against my work of previous years to determine if I can see an improvement. […]

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Fitness & Health In Landscape Photography

Are you that landscape photographer who rolls out of their car, sets-up a shot and clicks away without moving around much? The extreme of this is the photographer who literally goes that extra mile to […]

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Finding inspiration in the style of others work

Inspiration can come from many different places and in many different forms. This article will demonstrate how the use of another photographer’s style helped me craft a series of images at a time when I […]

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Isle of Skye Landscape Photography Guide

The Isle of Skye in Scotland can be a photographer’s heaven and/or hell. Sounds strange? Let me explain! When the Isle of Skye is good, it’s great. There are few places on earth which can match it […]

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Photography Challenge

I’d not been out much since my last trip to Sligo. I was finding it a challenge to even contemplate going out with a camera in hand. Work was very busy leaving me tired and […]

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Overcoming Frustration

I’ve had a summer of frustration with my landscape photography. Time after time the weather looked very promising during the day. Come sunset all I met was dull gloomy, overcast conditions. On occasion this was after some very […]

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Coping with Sea Spray in Seascape Photography

If you are a regular seascape shooter you will already know the pain and frustration felt when the wind blows directly at you and wipes up a lot of sea spray. Within seconds your filters, […]

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Research Lesser Known Locations

Every area has those iconic photography locations that everybody knows. They can be great fun to shoot and I fully understand why people flock to them time and time again. Shooting it for themselves, trying […]

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Long Exposure Photography – The Idiots Guide 2018

Love it or hate it, long exposure photography is a hugely popular genre in landscape, seascape & fine art architectural photography. It has progressed from a fad to a definable style of photography that looks […]

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