About Me

Street Selfie Finished-1I call myself an Irish landscape photographer but if truth be told I am a seascape photographer at heart. I am happiest making images close to the water regardless of the weather I face.

I’m sure it’s a cliché but there is an inner calmness to be found simply sitting beside the water and listening to the waves. Sometimes these waves lap in gently, other times they crash violently. Every location is different on any given day – the changeable Irish weather, winds and tides open up countless opportunities to create unique images on every outing.

I started out in photography during my teenage years when film cameras were the only option available. I had little success often failing to convey in my images what I could visualise in my mind. The camera eventually got relegated to a dusty attic.

Years passed and before I knew it I was going to be a dad – it was time to get a decent camera. This also happened to luckily/unluckily coincide with a nasty shoulder injury. I had been a long distance open water swimmer most of my life – hence my love of the sea. The closest I could now get to the water was a walk along the beach. It was not long until the camera was being brought along and this is where I discovered my love of seascape and landscape photography.

I have had work featured in Digital Camera Magazine, Lee Filters Xposure Magaszine and also written for Lightstalking.com. I compete at club, national and international level and am glad to say I have achieved awards at all levels. Last year I won the Irish Photographic Federations Gold Medal for Seascapes.