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I call myself an Irish landscape photographer but if truth be told I am a seascape photographer at heart. I am happiest making images close to the water regardless of the weather I face. I’m sure it’s a cliché but there is an inner calmness to be found simply sitting beside the water and listening to the waves. Sometimes these waves lap in gently, other times they crash violently. Every location is different on any given day – the changeable Irish weather, winds and tides open up countless opportunities to create unique images on every outing.  Read More About Me Here…….


Here you can find a selection of my favourite landscape photography from the last number of years. These are the result of countless hours visiting locations, being in the field, years of learning and many many mistakes. I hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed creating them…..

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I offer a number of different services to people who appreciate original work to other photographers seeking to improve their own landscape photography. Click on the links below to find our more. Alternatively feel free to contact me directly to discuss this further…..

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This is where I ramble & rant. A short blog article is written every couple of weeks ranging from the story behind my landscape photography to a location report. I also add the odd photography educational piece to help other photographers learn from my mistakes…..

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Recent Work

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